Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sexy Fill-in-the-blanks

TMI Tuesday - January 14, 2014

Yes, I'm sexy...and naughty and kinky.

This week's TMI Tuesday is "Naughty Fill-ins". Don’t just fill in the blanks, sex it up! Show  just how sexy, kinky, and dirty your minds can be.

1. Right now I’m fingering my 40 year old neighbor. She's HOT. I asked to borrow a cup of sugar and one thing led to another.

2. Tonight I’d like to dance naked in the front yard at the White House. Do you think I could get President Obama to blast some EDM/trance music out the window for me? I dance better with tunes.

3. YOU (yes you) can do OTK, bare bottom spankings to me anytime. (OTK = over the knee)

4. The best thing to happen to me in 2014 has been eating meat . No I will not explain any further. *giggle*

5. Sub-space after a hard spanking and hard fuck is one of the best feelings in the world.

6. Dominant/submissive relationships or Taken-in-Hand relationships really satisfy me.

Bonus: Post a photo that really turns you on and tell us why it does.

Too difficult to post one but I sure got turned on looking through some fave photos. Pretty much I love big natural boobs and round, plump asses. So if I posted photos of what turns me on you'd see a lot of tits 'n' ass :D

 Why I find each photo so pleasing (Top row, looking left to right):
1. I like firm round asses on men and women. This is a perfect ass.
2. I crave "laptime"...me naked and in full submission to my lover. Why two pics of laptime? Because I really, really love laptime.
3. OMG this photo makes my head explode. So sexy. Big natural tits, large areola and a pretty women fondling her luscious nipples. *gaaahh!*
4. I love a beautiful man in my bed, but I get really turned on by a beautiful man in bondage. I like to tie men up.
5. Mmm...I love, love, love to be restrained and taken advantage of sexually. I like to look at women in bondage. She has been so used. Delicious!


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AtiyaLuv said...

#1 lucky neighbor!!
#2 I will join you, put a pic of me on that lawn!
#3 I love that! I am ready to spank that sweet ass!!
#4 ehehe, I am eating less meat but eating more fish/seafood (and bacon)
#5 Just had my first subspace experience yesterday, wow!
#6 I am with you on that!

I love laptime, mmmmm

Happy TMI H

Hedone said...

@AtiyaLuv: You make me smile.
Happy TMI Tuesday.

I am so excited about your subspace experience.


the late phoenix said...

i've always had a borrow-a-cup-of-neighbor's-sugar I Love Lucy porn scenario writing itself in my head...

not even the Leader of the Free World can resist M83.

subspace: i'm yours! you got me with the Star Trek reference.

filledandfooled said...

New to me:
1) lap time. Wow, what a sexy concept. I'm a little larger framed, heh, so I've never even considered sitting in a man's lap comfortably. (See, TMIT always teaching me, thank you!)
2) getting turned on by tying a man up...YES please can I? I would have such a hard time keeping my mouth off of him!

Super sexy, squirmy, hot, slippery, post today Hedone. XO!

slave sindee said...

1. i think i am moving next door
2. how cool let's dance together
3. love to feel my hand smacking your bare bottom.
4.Meat i like meat but eat mostly fish,turkey
5. Ahh yes subspace is a wonderful place to be. HMMMMMM
6. love the thoughts butts and breasts and laptime seem to run together.
Wonderful answers

Pete Symes said...

Your post reminded me of an old song from an old performer I used to see around Chicago. Felt compelled to share. http://youtu.be/_WCL7h2tRjY

Sweets said...

Meat, huh? :-)

Gemma Jones said...

MMMMM I needs to practise my rope work and then use it on a certain person.

Sammi said...

Great answers, and I love your pics (particularly the bottom 2)!

Angelwithatwist said...

OH how I have missed you beautiful. I have missed all of the adult naughtiness in reality. But life has been kind of out of whack for a bit. I will spank that fine ass any day and I will do it topless so you can feel my natural breasts against your back as I do..

Ava Grace said...

The lines you write about the woman's breasts were so simple, but my gosh got me more than a little flustered ;) ava x

Hedone said...

@the late phoenix: I would like to spend some time tying YOU up and doing naughty things to you. This will be the background music


@G aka filledandfooled: Glad I could make you 'wet' ;-)

@slave sindee: Hiya neighbor! Oops, I just happen to trip and fall over your knees, ass in the air. *bats eyelashes*

@Pete Symes: You will not believe this but I have seen Duke Tomato. That song has a whole new meaning for me now.

@Sweets: *smirk*
Seriously though it is crazy. After all these years of being a vegetarian then pescatarian.

@Gemma Jones: Do it, then take photos.

@Sammi: So glad you enjoyed the post.

@Angelwithatwist: I've missed you. I have read your comments elsewhere and know you are having a tough time. Always great to hear from you and your breasts. (Oh was that my outside voice?) ;-) ... ((HUGS))

@Ava Grace: :-)

Thanks for stopping by everyone--lurkers and commenters.


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