Sunday, January 19, 2014

Curious heterosexuality to homosexuality test

Kinsey Scale Test - Where do you fall on the heterosexual to homosexual scale? 
Interesting sexual orientation continuum test claims to have predictive power.

How accurate is it for you?

 Take quiz here . Share results in comment section below.

*You must answer the first 3 questions so that pertinent test questions can be generated for you.

My test results:



P.S. Of course the test results are apropos of nothing but I find this sort of thing curious, like horoscopes.

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JFBreak said...

Turns out I'm a 2. I pretty much figured that and am pretty comfortable with it.

Hedone said...

@JFBreak: Thanks for sharing.

That's two accurate results, thus far.


slave sindee said...

leaving a comment to stimulate you.
interesting we have the same score.
as truckers say "keep it down the middle"
and yes would be my pleasure to stimulate you
Enjoy the day enjoy life

Hedone said...

@slave sindee: i think you and I could get into a lot of sexy trouble together. Thanks for the positive thoughts.


GoodWill said...

I got "F"...that I'm unusual. I think that's probably true!

Hedone said...

@GoodWill: :-)

Nice to you around these parts.


Jane said...

I also got an F...that I'm unusual...Not the first time I've heard that :)

Hedone said...

@Jane: It is good to be unique :-)

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